• About Us

  • The Lighthouse, popular for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, has a lot to offer.  But why “The Lighthouse” in central Illinois?

    The Lighthouse is named for a strong seafood background that originated in the New England Lobster House.  The menu was expanded with Safe Harbor and now the Lighthouse Family Restaurant to include great breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, including the original fish, shrimp, and lobster entrees that started it all.  The promise of “watch for the lighthouse” is fulfilled every day of the week.

    This family-owned business has literally included every member of the Norgaard and Sims family. The vision is Cathy’s and it’s her quality of cooking and expertise that make it happen.  Mom makes all the desserts including pies and apple dumplings, our signature finish to dinner.

    It’s not easy being a small family business in a franchise world.  We appreciate your business and never take our customers for granted!  Rochester is a good home for us; a warm and friendly place where good friends and good food come together.

    Come join us!  We’re open 7-2:00 every day and re-open for evenings on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4-8:00.  Take-outs are available including “family pack” dinners.  We have two dining rooms and, if you call ahead, can accommodate parties up to 30.